Friday, April 14, 2017

Announcing a My Brand New Book

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His Egg-cellency, The Woon of Bink, does not believe in minor infractions. In three years, he has thrown over half of Bink's population into Jug-jails for crimes like laughing or sitting on the curb. The consensus is that somebody oughtta' stand up to that cracked descendant Humpty Dumpty. However, standing up to tyrants implies one has a leg to stand on. Nervous little Funny-Foot doesn't even have one good toe. With more ridiculous laws coming daily, the tiny fellow is forced rocker-feet first into a confrontation with baddest of all bad eggs.

When two Jug-breaking children declare Funny-Foot their bandit chief, he places little faith in his new title. His terrified people might raise quaking fists in rebellion, but they'll hide 'em out of sight just as fast. Even so, their fate depends on Funny-Foot finding the One Voice even the mean old Woon can't ignore. To do that, this reluctant ambassador must become the most desperate criminal the land of Bink has ever known!

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