On "Hum A Few Bars..." --

Kim, Kim, Kim! I just finished your book and loved it! There were parts that really tugged at my heart! Credo...I still go through that with my almost 30 year old son. Act of Cowardice....ugh. First Rule....after a while you just wear out on trying to save everyone and have to concentrate on the ones that really want to be saved. The Calm...always have had a soft spot for Judas, who had to do what he did or we would not have the salvation our wonderful Jesus gives. Once Upon a Time...I still have the list I made! Thank you for sharing it with me! Now tell me about the drawing of Josh in the rain. Did you draw it or take a pix and do something from that? It is lovely!  ~ Candace Netotea Totman, Teacher --Muskingum East Elementary 


I read your work with great interest ...What a colorful cast of characters you've created, and a dynamic setting as well.  ~ Anonymous.

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